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April 15, 2021  

37. Should you have rules in your relationship

April 15, 2021
Anna has made it back safe and sound to NY, she's treated enough chlamydia in Canada.
She had some company on the way back and was listening to Untamed by Glennon Doyle and this has reminded her to be herself and live life for herself.
Sara has finished an indulgent week off and needs to detox and slim down. She has definitely been herself and lived for herself!
Despite indulging Sara was still on the love desk and shares funny (but not to be recommended) tweets from couples getting their own back on their partner when they were mad. Funny but maybe try some other methods.
The hot topic discusses whether you should have rules in your relationship. What do you think? Tune in for thoughts from the girls. 
This week the question is "How to turn an argument into a constructive conversation", it is easier said than done, the girls share their thoughts on how to achieve this. The best quote is show me how to fight better!
Till next time!
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