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August 3, 2020  

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August 3, 2020



Welcome to Geordie Lass & Doc Sass! We are so pleased to have you here and delighted you've tuned in. Hosted by Anna & Sara who are Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Master Practitioner of the ELI (Energy Leadership Index) through the top-rated coach training organization, iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) They both have a passion for helping others to get the best out of their relationships. They decided to start this podcast after a chance meeting. They want to support people by discussing common issues of concern and conflicts in relationships today. The modern relationship has evolved and changed, presenting so many more challenges. High divorce rates mean more blended families, divorcees and generally more of us are bagged laden. We are here to lighten the load and brighten up your week. No topic is off-limits, if there is something you want us to discuss, a hot topic or a question for relationship remedies get in touch


Anna is a very talented coach and a qualified doctor. She's from Canada, living in New York and regularly paddles on the Hudson River. Combining her coaching skills with her experience as a family physician, she takes the time to bring the whole person into focus. She will reframe the way you show up to sexual health issues, seeing an opportunity for healing and thriving.


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Sara from Inflori Coaching is an intuitive coach, a Geordie (hence the title!) and living in Jersey a small island between England and France. She wants to support you in saying no to tolerating a life of unhappiness and say yes to welcoming love and balance into your life. She knows how hard it can be to connect with others, speak up for yourself and get your needs met. All of which affects your self-esteem, and you can often see no way out. With the help of a coach, things could be so different. Who doesn't want a cheerleader in their corner? 


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