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February 18, 2021  

29. Different libidos in your relationship

The girls are going stir crazy in the midst of COVID ..... desperate for something new Sara even braved biting cold to have a fish and chip supper date .... 


News - The impact of COVID on dating, some surprises revelations in the new dating world. The girls are shocked at an average date face to face being 86 mins and the money people are spending on their dates  ... where are these people and who's doing this? 


Hot Topic - A saucy one today ..... different libidos in your relationship. Do you have a different sex drive from your partner? Has this changed over time? Did you have a different sex drive to start with? 


Question of the week "How do I know if I'm dating the one?"


Till next week ......


February 11, 2021  

28. Relationship boredom

The girls are struggling as they are recording on a different day ..... it’s messing with Sara’s mojo. There ability to look into the future is disappearing as the weeks go on and the fear lens is in full flow. Don’t give up on your dreams just yet! It’s just the COVID fog trying to over and keep you small. Take a shake and keep going. 

The girls are celebrating a major milestone ...... reaching over 1,000 downloads of the podcast! Thank you to very one who’s listened, stuck with it and support us. The feedback has been amazing and bring joy to the girls.  
Live from the love desk we have a wedding tale ...... yep even in COVID 
This week’s hot topic brings a heavy dose of realism on this chilly day, The girls discuss how to overcome boredom in your relationship. Yep ..... we are all feeling it! 
The question of the week ...... get ready for this one ..... “I really like someone at work, should I start an office romance.” Oh yep it’s still happening even in lockdown. 
Till next week! 


February 4, 2021  

27. Co-parenting - how do we get this right?

The girls are dreaming of space travel to the summer hemisphere and in fact any travel. Speaking of travel Anna is off to Canada to do some clinical work, braving the snowstorm. Sara is still on top of yoga, the sun is shining and things are as good as they can be in the midst of COVID. People are starting to re-think their lives as boredom is now settling in.  Anna needs to issue a retraction as she got a story wrong last time. Home Depot and Lowe's story is so not true, gutted, it sounded so good too ....... 


The correspondence desk is reporting as ever ... tune in to find what's being reported ..... it's sexy time! And let's just say there is more one Doctor in the house this week ....


Hot Topic this week is ...... Co-parenting, how do we get this right? This topic is right up Sara's street and she shares her pearls of wisdom. 


Question of the week! "Whenever I'm in a relationship that's going well, I seem to sabotage things, why is this?"


A slightly longer episode this week but so juicy and filled with golden nuggets this week! We hope you enjoyed it ....... till next week .... wherever they record from ...




January 28, 2021  

26. Dating after a break up or divorce

The girls are still full of energy and overjoyed at making through Jan and the days are getting lighter by the day. Sara has gone back to yoga to combat her old ladies hips. She is feeling great! There's a spiritual vibe and she is ready for the podcast. Anna is contemplating her wardrobe where some of her clothes may have drunk, she's considered 15-minute running spurts to combat the issue. No Forest Gump runs needed here ..... dig out the shoes and get Spotify playing .... everything you need is right there. 


Sara is polishing her Dry Jan halo .... she's still with it ... the girls are fuelled purely by tea .... they promise!


Popping at the love desk this week ........ this week some tips for making through lockdown with your relationship intact. 


The hot topic is ...... Dating after a break-up or a divorce, we know this is a scary thought for many, take a listen .... you m find that lockdown is a gift that helps you take things slow and ease yourself back in. 


Question of the week "My friend is marrying the most awful man, what can I do?" it is a tricky one to solve. 







January 21, 2021  

25. How do you measure success in your relationship?

Still trying to celebrate the small fun things in life even if it only goes as far as hot chocolate and cream, still minus alcohol during dry Jan. Insanity hit's the US but some are beyond coaching. The girls encourage people to love each other and share positivity. Let the ripple effect spread. 


The international relationship correspondent, jazzed up with signing, still reporting and bring a tales of a new divorce line at Pound world .... who would have thought it?

The hot topic of the week is ..... measuring the success of your relationship .... maybe you will change your views after listening, tune in. 


This week's question is "It's early days in our relationship and I'm worried about how my partner spends money, should I confront him or leave it?"


The girls are feeling very calm and serene after the hot topic and then they dive into couples and money ..... hold on tight, it's a hot button item. Anna is still ready to run at any moment and the girls talk money stories.


To finish they chat about the rules of life, the vaccine and licking poles. 

Till next week!

January 14, 2021  

24. Should your partner be your best friend?

It’s the start of the new year for Anna and Sara and they are super excited about the start of 2021, there is renewed energy, let’s see how long this lasts!

This is what you get on this weeks show:

  • A few definitions for ultra cold from Baltic to freezing balls
  • Hot Topic - Should your partner be your best friend?
  • Circles of old oaks trees and diseases trees, what does this have to do with relationships I hear you ask. Take a listen. 
  • The question if the week - “I don’t know if my partner is taking advantages of my good nature, how can I tell?

Anna’s cat joins the podcast as a special guest! It is a crazy and great start to the year.  



January 7, 2021  

23. Relationship resolutions

The girls are sharing Christmas stories, it may have been a different Christmas but they are still learning new things. 


The love desk is still reporting and sharing some ideas to help you through make it through to spring. Tune in to hear 24 ideas of how to spend time together indoors that go beyond Netflix and chill, without killing each other! 


Today's hot topic is ......... Resolutions for your relationship

and the question is  ........ "Should I stay or should I go ........." and we don't mean the song!

Happy listening! 


December 31, 2020  

22. Having a better relationship with yourself

Sara is very feeling spicy and grateful to Rachel (no.1 fan) for the lovely mugs which are fully branded including #fizzyknickers it was a lovely happy birthday to Sara! The girls are feeling more optimistic about life and making the most of life (even with the COVID restrictions). 


Today's hot topic is all about you and how to have a better relationship with yourself. 


The question of the week is "My children are rejecting my new partner what do I do?"

It's a tough one this week, it is a tough place to be ... tune in to find out more. 





December 24, 2020  

21. Should you go back to your ex?

Covid is taking its toll and the girls are feeling the strain. 

The love desk is reporting a sad tale from Hong Kong ..... take a listen and beware. 

Hot Topic - Should you go back with your ex? Will the girls agree or disagree? 

Some interesting musings and insight into relationships. The best advice was “when you find your desire weakening, remember what you desired about them in the first place.” 

The question this week is a saucy one “My partner isn’t getting an erection like he used to, is it me?” Don’t fear, Doc Sass is on the case!

Till next week, stay safe and stay sane! 


Have a very Merry Christmas from Geordie Lass & Doc Sass! x

December 17, 2020  

20. Sharing the Christmas Load …. can you let go …

It’s a Covid nightmare in Sara’s world, just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse her teenage child is tracked and traced and sent to isolation.  Living his best life but not everyone is.  All celebrations are off the cards and there’s little to look forward to. 

The international love desk is stilling going strong - this is a corker and not to be missed. Anything truly is possible. 

That’s a tough one to follow but let’s see if we can with the hot topic, sharing the holiday load! Be prepared .......... this isn’t with controversy  ......... the conversation certainly gets the girls in the Christmas spirit.


Finally the question “Is it okay to take money from your partners wallet, are coins okay?” It’s confession time for the girls and the perils of a hotel mini bar comes up.

Till next week ...... 


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