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April 29, 2021  

39. Top 3 reasons boundaries fail

April 29, 2021
Sara’s detox isn’t going so well after a fun weekend of scrummy food. Anna is disturbing the canoodling ducks whilst she was taking a rest from paddle boarding. The question is where they really have an affair ......
The relationship news desk shares an interesting article about friendships as we come out of lockdown, it’s is freedom but not as we know it. It is good to know where friends are at to be able to support them in this. 
Finally, bring on The hot topic top 3 reasons why boundaries fail. It’s a hot one and something the girls know features heavily in people lives, whether they understand boundaries or not, this episode should help. 
This week the question is "My parents don’t want me to marry my intended, should I do it anyway?" this could go either way, tune to find out more.
The girls really did take on the world today! There was a lot to learn, very informative and as entertaining as ever.  The sun is shining and the girls are of taking advantage of it. They are desperate for summer but the wind is not letting them just yet. The wardrobe conundrum is real!! It’s the weird stage where no one knows what to wear right now. 
Till next time ......
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