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May 6, 2021  

40. How to tell if your relationship is in trouble

May 6, 2021
Anna starts off fruity for the start of the month, it’s wild and windy and the birds are still awaiting summer. Quick public service announcement, don't forget the sunscreen and tan safely, h and maybe no outdoor sex ....
The love is popping, with so much news but one had to chosen ..... it’s a good one today, tune in to find out where the love desk settled.
This week the hot topic is how to tell if your relationship is in trouble. Don’t get caught off guard, learn how to notice the signs in your relationship, Using the energy influencers as a guide. Understand how to piece together the parts of the puzzle as things aren’t happening in isolation and recognise what the warning light means.
The question this week is “why does my ex still want to have sex with me?” yep I'm sure many of us have been there, the girls enjoyed discussing this one!
Here are the links mentioned
They started fruited and ended fruited this week.
Till next time ......
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