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May 20, 2021  

42. Not using your children as pawns in your divorce

May 20, 2021
Welcome to the Podcast!!!
Sara is feeling zingy today but Anna thinks she's feeling singing ..... it must be a language barrier. Sara is wishing she had a magical fairy's to do the cleaning but instead deploys a new tactic. Anna got into some sticky water while paddling in the wind ....... before she knew it a police cruiser is heading her way with a helicopter in tow to save her. Thankfully she was safe and is here to record the podcast this week. It sounds eventful! Sara was braving the beach and wild winds, looked beautiful with the sand blowing along but less pleasant to walk in.
The love desk has a study about male attire and their level of commitment to relationships. Let's find out more ..........
The hot topic this week is how not to use children as pawns in your divorce. It is an emotional time and can be difficult to navigate, don't be tough on yourself but start to explore what's happening and why. There are some strong feelings and emotions that play out when it comes to divorce.
And finally, the question is ...... "My husband is always borrowing money from me and never paying it back, help!" there is more to this than meets the eye. The paper cuts in life are important.
Anna is sharing her wisdom with the world but the reality might be a little different, Sara is evident that being a relationship coach does shine a light on your own relationship, fixing yourself isn't always that easy though.
Final thoughts from the girls on boundaries and how to deliver a no may some soften the message when it's your partner and wrap some fluffy cosy socks around it ...... the girls didn't quite reach combat .... over and out, Sara pulls the plug first. 
Till next time ......
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