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June 3, 2021  

44. To flirt or not to flirt

June 3, 2021
Welcome to the Podcast!!!
It's a new day on the podcast but not a normal day as the girls are recording on a Sunday instead of a Monday. They are still on point. Anna has been in trouble with the NYP again, she must perfect her paddle style to avoid the extra attention.
The love desk shares some great tips on how to boost your relationship .......... some new and different ideas to consider this week.
The hot topic this week is to flirt or not to flirt. Where do you stand on the subject? Find out where the girls stand on this one and what Sara had to learn about this, #metoo say no more! There was some great awareness.
And finally, they shimmy to the question ...... "Why is it that men won't marry a single woman but women will marry a single man?" Anna is confused and Sara is resisting coaching her. There is a lot to discuss and explore with this question.
Here's to recording on a Sunday and it is anyone's guess if Anna was fully clothed but we hope Sara was after her pre podcast morning walk.
Till next time ......
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