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June 10, 2021  

45. Are you a rescuer in your relationship?

June 10, 2021
Welcome to the Podcast!!!
Anna is excited, she is going on vacation but no clue how to do it, how to pack or where even the suitcase is. She's getting her presentable bottom out! Wish her luck, Sara is jealous she is going nowhere!
The love desk has some tips that follow on from last! Effective tips on how to flirt, let's learn how to get our sexy groove back on. Sara doing a shoulder shimmy as she introduces the love desk topic. Doc Anna brings out the medical flirting but Sara thinks she may need to polish up her skills a little. She's being kept behind for remedial work. It may take a while after we find out about the lip-licking scenario.
The hot topic this week is are you a rescuer in your relationship? Do you avoid conflict and smooth things over? Do you want to rescue your partner feeling like they are the victim and seeking external validation? Tune in to discover the antidote.
And finally, the question which turns it all on its head ...... "I kissed a guy drunk on a night out should I tell my partner? " ..... it's spicy! This happens way more than you may think!
Things have caught the girl off guard this week, just like a real relationship ..... they are off for some processing and mediation, once Anna has done flirty class. Only then can she pack and go on her hols!
Till next time ......
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